Qasim Sheikh

Business Development Manager

Qasim is one of our Business Development Managers at Volunteering Matters, working across Get the Gen and Employee Volunteering.

Qasim has a vast amount of experience, nearing 10 years in Business Development. He previously worked within the Legal and Banking sector, assisting with their Anti Money Laundering on boarding and worked with SMEs to help clients secure Tax credits for their business. 

He is very passionate about helping clients (current and prospect) and our internal team members when it comes to volunteering projects and Get the Gen workshops. Qasim’s key focus is building relationships with new and existing clients to highlight all of the opportunities available to them.

Qasim is one of two Ex Scotland international cricketers who took a stance against institutional Racism appearing on Sky Sports and BBC a number of times to raise awareness. He works hard to push positive changes, not only in cricket but across wider society as well. He is passionate about ending all forms of discrimination… of any kind.

In a previous life, Qasim played international cricket for Scotland which saw him play in 2 World cups as well as travel to many countries such as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada to name a few. During his time in some of these countries Qasim worked with kids from under privileged backgrounds to help with coaching of the game. So, he is no stranger to volunteering himself and another reason why he is so very passionate about his role at Volunteering Matters.

In his spare time, Qasim is also a podcaster and has recorded many podcast episodes with high level guests from the sporting world as well as other industries – you can check out his channel here!

“I am so very passionate about helping people, and I get to that every single day at Volunteering Matters and Get the Gen – that means a lot to me. I look forward to assisting all our clients the best way I can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.”