Ewan Hunter

Head of Operations

Ewan Hunter has been a people specialist for over 20 years. As a management, leadership and executive search consultant, Ewan has worked with organisations across the world to find, develop, manage and assess the most important part of their business – the people who work with them.

Get the Why

I’ve been very lucky to have had an enormous number of life-enhancing experiences.  Alongside that, I’ve worked with some brilliant people all over the world. I’ve seen many things that should be improved and ways that people’s life chances should, and could, be enhanced. I feel fortunate to be part of the Get The Gen team and work with colleagues who all have such strong backgrounds; and who share that same passion for working to deliver really meaningful outcomes for our clients whilst contributing to fulfilling our mission of making a real difference to the lives of young people who haven’t been as fortunate as some of us. It is inspiring to be part of and helps bring us closer to making that real, tangible difference that we seek to make.

Get the How

I love making a difference and love what I do – and I love continuing to learn and build upon that every day.  I also love working alongside my outstanding colleagues from whom I also continue to learn.

I have strong natural people skills – and can relate to everyone “from the shop floor to the Boardroom” – , have developed strong listening abilities and love turning my own experience of strategy development, leading businesses and growing and developing solutions into solving the specific challenges we are asked to help deliver for clients.

Get the Who

I have a degree in Scottish History and I used to be a professional snooker player.  I have, however, over 23 years’ experience as a “people” professional. I have worked with business both large and small all over the world – from finding the right talent to helping them develop and deliver the right strategies across the business.  I also have experience as the Chairman of a small software company (WorkbaseHR), as well Board-level experience within the third sector (International Recycling and Resources Institute, AAI Talent) and the Sports sector too (Scottish Handball Association).  I remain interested in how everything works and how we can – as a human race – continue to improve all that we do, whilst mitigating any negative impact we may have on the world.

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