Today’s workforce comprises of 5 generations. Each has varied expectations, habits and communication styles. Employers who are switched on to a multigenerational workforce can advance employee satisfaction, commitment and resilience and ultimately, overall business goals.

Diversity equals strength, its that simple.

However, blending curiosity, collaboration, innovation with wisdom, deep knowledge and massive advances in data driven insights is much more complex and requires specific and intentional work.

Some of the significant benefits of a multigenerational workforce:

  • Multiple perspectives – Different generations can have distinctive ways of viewing job responsibilities. Sharing perspectives within and across teams brings a broad range of knowledge and abilities to support innovation.  
  • Problem-solving abilities – Combining multiple perspectives and diverse skills drives creative solutions to problems. Life experience influences how we relate to and interact with others to address challenges and conflict. As a result, teams with age diversity can offer a variety of ways to address problems.
  • Learning/mentoring opportunities – The more diverse a team is, the more ways people have to interact and learn from each other’s insights. This includes mutually beneficial mentoring opportunities. Those with more years of experience can advise younger employees on career development.
  • Knowledge transfer and retention – The awareness and strengths that each generation offers better prepare the business to meet its future leadership needs. Tacit knowledge stays within the company in a robust internal talent pipeline.
  • Unique relationships – Meaningful relationships with co-workers can help meet employees’ emotional needs and contribute to job satisfaction . This relational aspect is critically important in times of excess change and uncertainty.

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