By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. Organisations are still grappling with this interesting challenge and the ones that get this right will almost certainly gain competitive advantage.

Organisations have started to build some tactical solutions to this. They offer flexible working or advertise on social media when recruiting. They are starting on their journey but don’t really understand the ‘why’.

  • We hear a lot that young people are not ready for the workplace
  • We hear negative stereotypes played out, like their sense of entitlement
  • We hear young people want it all tomorrow, but are unable to hold a conversation without looking at their mobile device
  • We hear that they don’t want to ‘do the hard graft we had to do when we were younger’

Our services are built on the flip side of this. Instead of asking “are young people ready for the workplace?”, we ask you to consider…

“is your workplace ready for young people?”

If you’re left wondering, ‘why are young people the way they are’? Let us show you how we can support you to not only bridge the generational gap but use this insight to advance your organisation and enjoy measurable results.

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