Equipping our organisations to be young people friendly.  

Volunteering matters, YouthLink Scotland and Young Scot and are delighted to announce the further dates for highly successful Youth VIP training. 

If you would like to learn more about how to make your organisation more young people friendly then join us for a highly immersive and interactive online workshop with lots of practical takeaways!

Funded by The Scottish Government, this training is for anyone interested in improving youth participation in organisations. Youth workers, volunteer managers, board members and everyone in-between are welcome!

We invite you to choose 1 workshop from the list below attend that best suits your ambitions for widening youth participation and sign up through our online booking portal. 

To book this free training select your preferred workshop below and sign up in less than 1min. 

If the booking portal does not display above please visit it here. For further information or to enquire about hosting a stand-alone  session for your organisation please contact: alistair.hunter@getthegen.com

More info about Youth VIP click here.

Phenomenal session!! I’m leaving inspired and motivated to restructure how we work with our young volunteers

Volunteer Development Worker – 10/21


How many workshops do I need to attend?

The training is designed to be delivered as 1 single workshop only. Each workshop contains different information depending on what you want to do with your learning. Please read the description above carefully and pick the workshop that suits your own situation.

Do I have to commit to delivering the training locally if I attend?

No, but we do encourage you to deliver this training with those who may be interested, but only if you want to. The training will help you to be comfortable with the guidelines and how to share them with others if you wish to do that.

I’ve attended a workshop already can I attend again?

Yes, for example if you have attended workshop 1 and would like to hear more about how to share the workshop with others then you can sign up for workshop 2 or 3.

Can I book multiple spots for my colleagues?

No, we would like you to book your own spot using our simple booking system. If you would like to do the training for your whole organisation we can arrange that for you. Please email us at the address above.

How much does the training cost?

The training is free thanks to funding from the Scottish Government.

I can’t make these dates/times. Will there be more training?

Yes we will be repeating the training throughout the year to match demand.

What video conference platform will the training be on?

We use Zoom as a platform because it gives the best learning environment. If you want to book a full session for your own organisation we can use alternative platforms (Teams etc)